Softronics SmartTask

SmartTask is an online productivity tool that helps organizations increase their efficiency by 40%.


Task Management | File Sharing | Instant Messaging | CRM | Location Tracking


Solve problems like:

  • Too many tasks, no way to keep track of all of them.
  • 60% of time is spent behind phone calls / emails and in-person meetings to know work status.
  • Searching for information from emails, files, chats, diaries, notes takes up a lot of time.
  • Miss-communications are common.
  • No customer history. Don't remember the last conversation with the customer.
  • No way to track on-field workforce.


  • Established in: Sept15
  • Web App release: Feb 16
  • Release 1st Android App: July’16
  • 300 Registered users
  • 5000+ tasks/messages generated


  • Founder: Shyamal Parikh
  • Business Dev: Dipesh Dayama
  • Support: 3 members


  • Target: 10-500 employee Orgs
  • Vertical (Next 2 years): Consultants, Construction, Pharma, Hospitals, Industries