TechSamvaad’s V.A.A.T. or Voice based Android Assistance Tool is the versatile easy to use Android Voice Assistance tool with input based on voice commands that will allow using smartphones with phrases spoken in Gujarati language. The project is made for people who still find it difficult to operate smartphones due to its complexity and language barriers.

Product Offering

This application allows user to use his or her Android smartphone on Voice commands in his or her regional languages Gujarati. It works completely offline for the voice command functionality.


Progress Milestones

  • Allows performing all functions of a regular Android Smartphone on Voice Commands such as Calls, Messages, accessing and using 3rd party applications.
  • Includes Artificial Intelligence module to answer Functional and Non-Functional questions with a Voice Response in selected Regional language.
  • Works without an Internet Connection and recognizes Voice commands irrespective of Accent or Dialect.
  • In pre-Prototype development stage, will deliver a prototype by mid of 2018.


  • Funded by Government of Gujarat grant scheme, Recognised as startup from DIPP
  • One of a kind Artificial Intelligence, Regional language based application,
  • Works on voice commands, Dialect or Accent free recogniser, Can search places temperature and anything over the Internet, Answers trivial questions as well, Talks back in regional language only


  • Founders: Kartik Manoj Joshi, Shaunak Bimalbhai Amin, Abdullah Pariyani Mo.Iliyas
  • Technology: Nareshkumar Ramaji Prajapati, Rushik Kanzar

How LEAF Incubator has helped

  • Provided Space for Office setup, amenities such as Internet Conference room
  • Provided various funding schemes,
  • Mentoring sessions for Marketing & Revenue model generations, Guest mentors Sessions