MT Concepts is a company specializing in holographic 3D visualization technologies including digital holograms and holographic video displays. Our 3D holography solutions are designed on powerful hardware and integrated software. Our digital holograms allow you to visualize 3D data illustrating precise details. The technology intensity aspects of the idea is derived in the process of developing the software i.e. Scripting and Coding to have an interaction with 3D images i.e. touch objects in space and interacting with them in midair is developed on the lines of innovation and would require to be patented.

Project Details

  • Pricing for Human Anatomy has been negotiated and brought to the final price
  • Initial prototype has been developed
  • Currently exploring an option of developing an innovative product using 4D technology


  • Initiate focus group survey has been primarily shaping positively for us
  • An event in United Kingdom, garnered positive response from the visitors