The DataOne platform is a superfast analytical tool with advanced machine learning capabilities that provides data driven insights for organizations with multi-source structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. We're building a data analytics platform which helps organizations move faster with Big Data.

Project Details

  • Platform processes data and rates over 600 ktps (thousand transactions per second)
  • Customizable modules to serve any industry for any use-case
  • Supports ingestion of structured and unstructured data in different formats such as CSV, JSON, XML, log files, raw files, binary formats, industry specific formats, etc.
  • Intercept and parse records to store into readable formats in NoSQL storage, index them, and make them queriable.
  • Platform allows for creation of data pipelines at scale in spans as short as 10 days.


  • Acquired 5 clients since inception from India, US, UK, and Australia
  • Established a Joint Venture with a FinTech company from US

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